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The Tipperary Cheese Company Product Range:



Wholemilk Probiotic Yogurt, Greek Style Probiotic Yogurt and Low Fat Probiotic Yogurt with seven weeks shelf-life. This Yogurt can be served on its own as a dessert, as an ingredient in homemade ice-cream, in chilled soups, marinades, in casseroles or stroganoff, in savoury dishes and as a salad dressing.

Award Winning Flavoured Yogurts*
Strawberry, Raspberry & Peach Melba

80g/60g Richer & Creamier Probiotic Smooth yogurt – available in Strawberry, Raspberry & Peach Melba

110g Very Low Fat Probiotic yogurt – available in all flavours

125g Low Fat Probiotic yogurt – available in all flavours and natural

125g Richer & Creamier Probiotic yogurt – available in all flavours and natural

500g Low Fat Natural Yogurt – available both Set and Stirred

All Flavours and our Natural and Wholemilk Yogurts are available in 2kg, 4.6lt, 5kg & 10kg Catering packs

*Our yogurts placed Silver at the 2015 International Cheese Show for Best Group of Yogurts

Soft Cheese

A range of soft cheeses in Full Fat Cream Cheese, Full Fat*, Medium Fat and Low Fat Soft Cheese.

Shelf-Life – 12 Weeks. Uses: Sandwich filling, cheese cakes, carrot cake topping, paté, dips, salads, stuffed mushrooms, chicken breasts, savoury products, bagels, etc.

*Our Full Fat Soft Cheese won Best Product in Chilled/Frozen at the Scotland Specialty Food Show, January 2016.

Soured Cream & Set Soured Cream

Shelf-Life – 8 weeks. For baked potatoes, Mexican and Indian dishes, chicken and pasta dishes, dips, sauces, continental cuisine, etc.

Crème Fraiche & Set Crème Fraiche

Shelf-life – 8 weeks. Served as an accompaniment to many desserts, sweet and savoury dishes, French Cuisine and soups.


Shelf-life – 6 weeks. Italian style soft cheese made with full cream, with many uses in the dessert industry.


Catering Pack Sizes for all products are as follows:

1kg, 2kg, 5kg & 10kg

We here at The Tipperary Cheese Company pride ourselves in being adaptable to all customers’ needs and can alter our specifications to meet with your processing requirements, as necessary.