Our Yummy Products:

Yofi Yogurts

Our Yofi yogurts are for children and come in three yummy flavours, plus there are no bits. They are fortified with Calcium, Vitamin D and Fibre (Inulin).

Gofi Yogurts

Our Gofi yogurts are available in two delicious flavours; Strawberry and Vanilla, are low fat and have added calcium, Vitamin D and Fibre (Inulin).

Cream Cheese

Our cream cheese is incredibly versatile and has a variety of uses, sweet or savoury. Yummy in cheesecakes or bagels with smoked salmon or use it as a dip.


“We here at Hayes’ Farm are continuously trying to reduce our environmental impact both on the farm and in the production plant.”

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We have been manufacturing and supplying to the Trade for many year. We offer a large range of Soft Cheeses, Yogurts, Soured Cream, Crème Fraiche and Marcarpone Cheese.