About Hayes Farm:

Our Family…

Situated in the rich pastureland that is the Golden Vale in Tipperary is the Hayes’ Farm, home of deliciously smooth soft cheeses and yogurts. Over the past 400 years the farm has been handed down from generation to generation of Hayes family members and today, brothers Donal and Liam Hayes work together and farm the land to its full potential to provide dairy products of exceptional quality.

The Hayes’ have always been involved in manufacturing having making butter to sell at local markets and to the English market in the 18th century to having a milk round in the 1970’s and now today Donal and Liam have taken that one step further to produce their delicious cheese and award winning yoghurts.

Today, the brothers are milking over 200 cows and are using milk from neighbouring farms to ensure that only the best of milk is used to make their products. As milk is the core ingredient to our products we need to make sure that we our cows are well looked after throughout the year, as happier cows produce better milk! Our cows eat only the richest of grass and are out roaming in the fields for most of the year and then they are housed to keep them nice and warm during the cold winter months.

Our history…

HayesFarmProductsIn the middle of the farm lies the ruins of two churches of where an old monastery used to be which dates back to 590 AD. The smaller of the two is reportedly the oldest standing church in Ireland. The saint who ran the monastery; St Mochaomhog is buried in the bigger church. According to Irish folklore, it was St Mochaomhog that baptised the Children of Lír, breaking the spell and turning them back from swans into humans.

Every year on our farm, four swans always land in the church field and stay for around a week.